Will I get marks or bruises from doing Pole?

Bruising and redness can occur while poling. When first starting Pole, you’re learning how to control your movement and optimize your hand and leg grip. Bruising, redness, and “pole burn” are common, since your skin is still adapting to new movements and contact with the pole. This usually improves over time, as you develop more grace, better grip technique, and greater control over your movements.

When learning new moves, especially those with repetitive movement, new bruises are likely to occur. Since everyone’s skin is different, some people will bruise and experience pole burn more than others.  

When first starting it’s helpful to vary the moves you’re learning, to avoid repeat pressure on a single area. For inner thigh grip, you may experiment with gripping more firmly. This minimizes the friction and consequent rubbing, which is the cause of redness and pole burn.