How long will it take me to get good at Pole?

Your progress depends on a variety of factors. Some factors include your initial strength, flexibility, body awareness, and coordination upon starting. Your development also depends on the frequency and consistency with which you practice pole and cross train. Your learning style and speed may also influence your progress. For example, you may prefer to take more time and learn each move in detail with a high level of comfort before adding more material quickly. Your overall fitness and health levels can also affect your progression.

We recommend focusing on your foundations and fundamentals through the principle classes which center on strength, movement, coordination and flexibility. Try patterns and routines that work for you. For example, does practicing pole every other day with cross training in between feel ideal? We recommend proper rest between sessions and active recovery, where your body repairs and integrates while resting. A particular routine may work for a certain amount of time and you may occasionally need to switch things up as you go along.

Rather than focusing on getting good, allow yourself to show up and practice with consistency. You may want to track your progress every month or quarter to recognize where you started and where you’ve improved. Note that it’s common to experience breakthroughs, periods of growth, and plateaus. We advocate consistent, precise, and well-rounded training as the actions for effective results. Pole requires a great deal of strength so be easy on yourself, have patience and try to enjoy the process!