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  1. Sorry, but this is very overwhelming…. I startet the course, but the flying crow pose is Impossible – for now, but then the Lesson 1 is already talking about lifting both feet up. But how does one built the strenght up to be able to do the crow pose???? How often should one try this??? How many Reps? How many Sets? Daily ???? Thank you in Advance ….

    1. Hi! First, thank you for your comment! It really helps me to understand what is more important. I tried to make this course more general and highlight main technique point, but definitely missed all information you’re asking, I am sorry for this???? So, how often: I would recommend 3 times weekly, but it’s ideally for the quickest body adaptation and progress. How to build strength: Any regular push-ups (from the knees) with elbows close to your body (and always keep them on top of your hands) will help to increase strength. Do it very slow and pause in a lowest position you can hold. Reps/steps: 1 rep – try your maximum (but no more than 8, if it’s easy, better pause for longer), brake 30sec (1min max if needed a massage and rest for the wrists), 2nd and 3rd try to repeat 70% of previous rep. So, for example: 8-5-3 (or 3-2-1) with same speed and technique. On 7th video in this class – modification for this push ups with additional balancing practice.

        1. I was recovering last year from medial epicondylitis by doing rehab and prehab exercises, I shared some of them, but it’s really a huge separate subject. And I suggested @polepress that it should be a next additional to this course… So, maybe it is?.. Let’s vote!???????? I would like to share it.

        1. If push-ups from the topic 7 are also easy, please check conditioning video from next class (Lesson 2, Topic 7). It’s focused on shoulders strength and stability as well.

    1. Please don’t be! I know this feelings, been there. First, achieving the crow pose is not a requirement for next class (same as all other tricks). Even though I recommend do all classes in a row, it’s more about overall information you should collect. First 5 weeks has a conditioning and steps everyone can start practicing. Only 6th week is for advanced students who want to move to the next level.

  2. Hi, thanks for the class! I’m having trouble with putting my knees on my arms. It is pretty painful no matter what position I use. Is this something you just get used to or am I missing technique/strength? Also my knees seem to slip of the tops of my elbows pretty easily.

  3. Finally a class that has progressions that are challenging! I love that I can’t do all the variations yet and have something to work towards (unlike some other courses elsewhere – if I can already do all of it, what is the point of taking the class?!). I’m learning a lot, thank you so much for the wonderful breakdown and informative explanations!