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    1. Yes, you are right, it’s a lot of core! And thank you for your question! Just now I figured out I forgot to give one of my favorite conditioning for this???? So, in this position put your feet (ideally on arches with pointed toes) on a yoga blocks and try to raise one foot in a time.

  1. I can not for the life of me get this crow pose down. I barely got my foot one inch off the ground before losing my balance. When trying one foot at a time. I tried both feet and nearly suceeded before I lost my balence and almost fell forward.

    1. Do you have a yoga blocks? They really help to focus on core and wrist engagement and less worried about shoulder strength and balance. And the half second while going down on your feet is really matter! It’s what I cool exercising. Attempting to get a move counts as doing a move.

    1. Hi! Sorry to hear( First 2 day ONLY cold to reduce the information. Do not put any hot cream or something. First 4-6 hours every 30-40 minutes ice pack for 1-2 minutes. Then 2 times daily for up to 5 minutes and completely rest until pain not sharp and active. Then I always recommend starting do very easy exercises. What muscle do you pull?

  2. WOW WOW WOW! I’ve never actually attempted to try a crow pose in the last 20 years. Couldn’t do it on the last video but can hold for 4 seconds with my knees on my elbow! I need a lot more practice but I feel successful ❤

  3. Wow. The last type of crow pose with the knees inside the arms is so cool. I have not seen that before. I am a yoga instructor. So far I’m really liking her expertise and explanations. I’m very impressed. I also can’t do this variation yet. I will practice!

  4. lol i think i like the 2nd version with the muscle. i can hold for i seconds woop woop lol.. i definetly need to practise the crow more. i was always afraid of hurting my wrists.

  5. I was able to hold for 2 seconds using the second option (elbows on bicep). Definitely felt the unnerving wiggle of my arm muscle as you said, but it felt the most secure for me as I’m very out of shape these days – I found the middle option to be what my body naturally shifted to so I went with it.
    I’m so in love with the way you teach; showing all the options, not just your most preferred. That’s very rare, and I think it’s so crucial for learners to really get to know their own body and develop their own selves the best way for them rather than trying to force a way that doesn’t feel quite right for each individual. Thank you, Mari!